Frequently Asked Questions


Can credit for courses taken elsewhere be transferred?

Yes, subject to equivalence being established. Requests for transfer of credit must be submitted to GSEFM Academic Records, completing the request form provided by GSEFM Academic Records, as well as submitting all supporting documents requested. Three issues in particular should be noted: 1) The courses for which credit is sought must have been completed as part of a degree program. 2) Courses taken as part of Master program studies can generally only be credited at the Master level, not at the Ph.D. level. This does not apply if the course syllabus states that the course was at the level of a doctoral program course. 3) For the first-year courses, transfer of credit does not exempt from the requirement to pass the end-of-first-year Qualifying Examinations.

Do I need to register for individual courses?

Yes. The registration details are provided by GSEFM Academic Records. Please see the section on "Downloads".