Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you accept students into the program? 

We accept students each year for the winter semester only. For further details, please visit the GSEFM Application Process page (


When do I have to apply and what is the application process?

We have three stages in which prospective students can apply. The first stage ends on January 31st, the second stage ends on March 31st, and the third stage ends on May 31st. For further details, please visit the GSEFM Application Process page (


Is education at GSEFM free of charge?

Yes, there is no tuition fee for students enrolled at GSEFM. However, there is a registration fee of approximately 360 Euros per semester which also entitles to public transportation in the Frankfurt-Mainz-Darmstadt region. For further details, please visit the GSEFM Tuition and Financial Aid page (


What is the difference between the MSQ and Ph.D. Program?

The MSQ is a quantitative master degree program while the Ph.D. is the doctoral program. However, first-year students in the MSQ Program enroll in the same set of courses as the first-year Ph.D. Program in Marketing students. For further details, please visit the GSEFM Degree Program Structure page (


What do we offer for high-performing Bachelor students?

As an excellent Bachelor graduate you can directly target to acquire a Ph.D. by joining GSEFM. Along the way, you have the chance to earn a MSQ-degree after successfully completing the first two years of studies in the program. Since first-year students in the MSQ Program enroll in the same set of courses as first-year Ph.D. students you can continue studying in the Ph.D. Program without administrative barriers.


Do I require a Master degree to apply for the Ph.D. Program at GSEFM?

No, you can directly apply for the Ph.D. Program as a Bachelor graduate. However, independently of whether you started in the Ph.D. or MSQ Program, you will have to pass the qualifying exams at the end of the first year to continue in the Ph.D. Program (see below for further details).


If my background is engineering or mathematics, can I pursue a Ph.D. degree in Marketing?

Yes of course, we strongly encourage you to apply and obtain a Ph.D. in Marketing. Especially in the first two year of studies, your background in engineering or mathematics may even help you because some of the classes are rather technical. Yet, you might want to broaden your knowledge by taking additional courses in business and, in particular, in Marketing.


Are there any examinations to decide whether to continue in the Ph.D. Program?

Yes, at the end of the first year, students have to qualify to continue in the Ph.D. Program by passing the qualifying examinations with an average grade of 2.3 or better in each of the three core courses in the first year (i.e., Advanced Marketing 1 & 2, Advanced Econometrics 1 & 2 as well as Advanced Microeconomics 1 & 2). Furthermore, students have to pass the first year courses in Mathematical Methods and Programming Languages (but not necessarily with a grade of 2.3).

If I enrolled to the MSQ program, can I also pursue the Ph.D. in Marketing?

Yes, as described before. You need to pass the qualifying exams at the end of the first year.


If I enrolled to Ph.D. program, do I have to pass qualifying exams as well?

Yes, you need to pass the qualifying exams at the end of first year to continue in the Ph.D. Program.


Can I apply without having finished my current degree?

Yes, but you have to make sure to complete your prior studies within the first six months of enrollment at GSEFM.


Do I need to submit two different application forms for the Master and Ph.D. degrees in Marketing?

No, a single application can cover both degrees.


Can I gain financial aid during my first two years of study?

Outstanding students can apply for a Scholarship in the first year. Moreover, independent of their level of studies, all students are encouraged to constantly check the internal Job Market of the GSEFM webpage for open positions if they are looking for financial support. The internal Job Market is exclusive for GSEFM students and announces, for example, open research assistant positions, Scholarships as well as research grants.


Am I eligible for this program as an international student?

International students are very welcome. Many students from different countries in the world successfully completed the Program in the past.


Why should I choose the Marketing track and how can I get acquainted with the marketing faculty at GSEFM?

The Marketing department at Goethe University Frankfurt is led by professors who are internationally well-known at their respective research areas. Together with assistant professors, postdocs, lecturers, and Ph.D. students, professors at marketing department conduct high-quality research regularly published in the discipline`s leading international journals, including Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing. You can get more information about the marketing department from


How important is it to speak German?

All courses at GSEFM are taught in English and all conversations between students and professors are usually in English. So there is little need to speak German throughout the first two years of the program. However, a position as a research/teaching assistant might require some knowledge in German because some classes are still taught in German. Conducting empirical studies might also require some German language skills. Although many Germans speak English well and Frankfurt is certainly one of the most international cities in Germany, living in Germany is easier if you speak some German. Thus, Ph.D. students are well advised to improve their German during the first two years of their studies.